Curious Creatures

Wild Minds

Due to COVID 19, the Children’s Book Council of Australia have delayed their celebrations until October 17th – 23rd October. We will continue our tradition of celebrating Book Week from 17th – 21st August as are most schools in our area, to keep it in line with the due date of our Premier’s Reading Challenge.

There will be no Book Week Parade this year, due to COVID19 restrictions, but we would love all children and staff to come to school on Friday 21st August (week 5) dressed in the theme of “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds”, or as their favourite book character.

Please make sure your children have handed in their completed Premier’s Reading Challenge record sheet to their classroom teacher by Friday 21st August. As we have mentioned in the past, this is not in line with the official closing date but we need to allow time to input data of 600+ students by the closing date.