UPDATE: We have noticed several groups of parents staying to chat after school, with children accessing playgrounds: Please note that we expect parents to vacate school grounds asap after collecting children at the end of the day. No children are to access the play equipment after school.  Daily cleaning of all play equipment is continuing in order to maintain a safe play space during the day. Thankyou for your cooperation.

Dear families,

As we see on the news the increase in cases of COVID-19 in other states is yet to be brought under control and may have an impact on South Australia at any stage. As such our teachers are prepared to continue to provide the best possible learning for students in either a face-to-face or an online method as required. All teachers have prepared work in case we are required to go online at short notice. ┬áThe best case scenario of course is that we continue with face-to-face teaching, and that we don’t see the second wave of the virus. The health and well-being of our staff, children and families is paramount.

As I mentioned prior to the school holidays, we will continue to follow our protocols in relation to visitors coming onto school grounds. There will be some activities such as Wakakirri which does resume, albeit under strict controls. School photos will go ahead as scheduled. Other activities will be advertised in due course. Sports activities will gradually resume and opportunities such as our SAPSASA events will once again be able to take place. At this stage we are not holding school assemblies but we are considering how they may be re-introduced in the future.

We will be planning for our year seven graduation with appropriate and necessary protocols in place. The end of year concert is still in date on the calendar, and as we get closer to that time more information will come out about our ability to hold that event. As we know things change so rapidly, that it is not possible to make a firm commitment at this stage. However, it is an event that we would sincerely like to see happen.

Aspects to remember are:

  • No visitors/parents to be in classrooms or school buildings at any stage without the direct permission of the principal.
  • All adults on the school grounds to practice physical distancing.
  • Parents of reception to year 2 children may continue to drop their child off at the classroom door but are not to enter the classroom (Note: there is still no entry into the Atrium).
  • Parents of year 3 to year 7 students are encouraged to drop children at the gate to the school and not enter the school grounds unless absolutely necessary.
  • If entering the school office area, wait before the sign indicating the no-go area until called or attended to by one of the office staff.
  • Continue to drop and /or collect children from OSHC without entering the actual hall.
  • The preferred method of communication with the school staff is either by email or phone.

Any contractor or educational support person who comes onto the school grounds is required to complete a COVID-19 information sheet each and every time they enter the grounds. This is a requirement within all schools until further notice.

We are in the process of beginning our enrolments for 2021 which includes both new reception children and the year levels between year one and year five. If you are aware of people who are considering an enrolment at our school, can you please encourage them to get in touch with us while there are still opportunities available.

School tours are recommencing, though in a modified form where people need to complete a COVID-19 information sheet, be in smaller groups and practice physical distancing throughout the modified tour. If you know of people who are seeking to have a tour, please encourage them to contact the front office and make a booking. Places are filling quickly.

We have been updating the Kitchen in preparation for when that resumes as part of our curriculum offering at Woodend. Taking advantage of the time when it’s not being used, we have installed new blinds, had the ovens and stoves professionally cleaned and maintenance work has been carried out. When we are able to resume full lessons in the kitchen with volunteers, then we will be advertising for a new Kitchen Manager. At this stage we have to be patient until we’re able to move to that stage. When we do advertise, we will also share that with all parents as there may be a level of interest from our parent community for this position.

The playground development continues to proceed and over the next several months you will see the remainder of the work carried out.

Several years ago the school was granted $5 million to replace a transportable building, commonly called the Pumpkin building. The first stage of approval for an updated plan has begun, and we hope that building will begin sometime in 2021.

Thank you once again for your incredible support of our school during this time. We have appreciated your positive comments and feedback as we have made this journey together.

Kind regards,

Steve Freeman