Dear families,

As we close out term two for this year, we can look back and consider that given the impact of Covid-19, we have successfully transitioned back to a normal delivery of learning for all students. That has been directly due to the work of each and every teacher and school service officer who have dedicated quite a great deal of additional effort to ensure a smooth journey through this time.

Another blog post will come out at the end of the first Monday of the beginning of term three. This will give any updates that may have happened due to changes that may happen during the school holidays. As we know during the last School holidays, things can change over a short period of time.

Some reminders to end the school term;

  • The first day of school in term three (for students) is Tuesday 21 July 2020.  OSHC will be operating on this day.
  • When we do return we will be following the same protocols that we have followed this term in the school in relation to any parent coming onto school grounds. (see the additional piece at the end of this blogpost and previous blogposts for more details.)
  • The Government has reminded us that at all times physical distancing needs to be carried out by adults. This should be at pick up and drop off time as well as any other occasion where you are on the school grounds.
  • Hand washing, use of sanitiser, daily playground cleaning and additional cleaning in buildings will continue for term three.
  • While camps and excursions are now permitted, they do so under very strict guidelines and due to the late nature of the school year, some classes may go ahead with these while others may choose not to.
  • Out of school hours sport is slowly returning. The organisation and management of this is  generally more complex than if we were beginning at the start of the year. Please be patient but also know that there may be a few sports, where due to a lack of coaches or managers at this point in time, they don’t begin again until 2021.
  • At this stage of the year we are beginning to look at enrolments for 2021, so if you know of anybody who is thinking about this but has yet to contact the school, please encourage them to let us know of their intentions ASAP.
  • Modified School Tours will recommence next term for any families considering future enrolments, with smaller groups being catered for.
  • School photos will commence on 18th of August. More details will come out about this.

Our Planned School Building Development
We began the very first step towards this last Friday, with a complete analysis of our use of every room within the school. You may recall that in 2018 we received $5 million to upgrade our facilities. It is planned to replace the one transportable that we have near the canteen, commonly called the Pumpkin Building, with a building suited to both classroom and the teaching of STEAM.

It is anticipated that Architects will come on board sometime in August 2020 and that building may commence during 2021. This is great news and we look forward to being involved in the details of the planning as it progresses.

From the Early Years Team:
We particularly thank parents/carers of the Early Years’ students for helping your child/ren to be resilient and independent when coming to school.  With the children coming into the classroom by themselves and going about their morning routine independently, they have grown in confidence, organisation and independence during the COVID-19 restrictions.  As a community, we will continue to encourage and nurture these characteristics throughout next term as they are valuable life skills. We are proud of their development.

Have a well earned time at home without any Covid-19 restrictions. Enjoy the ability to get out as a family and to enjoy the freedoms that we sometimes easily take for granted. We look forward to seeing you again at the beginning of term three.

Kind regards,

Steve Freeman