The One Plan is an online personalised learning plan that contains information to support your child’s inclusion and achievement at school. It is a working document that is reviewed and updated throughout the year.  The One Plan replaces a range of different  learning plans, including NEPs and IEPS and brings them together in one on line document. The format has changed, and the new document includes Aims and Goals and more detail around Services, Assessments and Background information.

The One Plan can be used for any child or young person. At present the scope for One Plan includes the following priority groups:

• students with disability

• children and young people in care (under guardianship)

• Aboriginal children and young people.

The One Plan is developed and reviewed in partnership with families, the child, school staff and other relevant personnel. Each year in week 4, term 2 we meet with parents to review plans. At these meetings we discuss progress, achievements, changes and challenges and update the learning plan for the coming 12 months. This year we are transitioning from NEPS and IEPs to the One Plan and teachers have spent many hours this term learning the intricacies of the plan and drafting One Plans in preparation for this review process.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are not holding face to face review meetings this year. Teachers, in collaboration with SSOs have prepared draft One Plans and now we would like to provide parents with the opportunity to input into these plans. Draft copies will be sent home by the end of week 5. We ask that parents add their input and return the plan to be finalised. We will print the final copies and send home 2 copies. One copy is for parent records and the other to be signed and returned to school.  Parent input might include perspectives of strengths, interests and motivations as well as NDIS information around private therapists.

We understand that some parents may require a conversation about some aspects of the plan. If this is the case, parents are invited to request a phone conversation with the class teacher and this can be booked by returning your request along with parent input for the One Plan. It is anticipated this process will be completed by the end of week 6.

Many thanks for you ongoing support as we seek to find the best way to manage this new process during the restrictions of COVID-19.

Please find a copy of the Department one-plan-information-for-parents