Dear families,

Week 4 is here and we are almost at full capacity again in relation to student attendance.  Only a handful of students were working from home last week and we anticipate that this will reduce over the next week or so.  As I mentioned last time, now we are teaching face-to-face, that is where teachers focus lies.  Students who need to be kept at home due to health concerns will be catered for in relation to a learning program, however each teacher will manage this in a different way to what we all experienced in the first two weeks. Ultimately we are expecting a 100% return to school by all students.

A reminder that June 5th will be a Pupil Free Day. This will be a time for staff to focus on Numeracy and continue to work on our Site Improvement Plan Strategic Directions. This complements the compulsory Directions established from School Review, carried out towards the end of last year. The whole School Review report can be viewed on the school website under the ‘reports’ tab.

In regards to Covid-19, we will continue to follow protocols that have been established, and I wish to thank all parents and caregivers who have been assisting by following our directions. This has been important in providing a safe working environment for our students, teachers and school service officers, allowing the work in classrooms to continue as it should.

What happens at school organisationally at present does differ from pre-Covid-19 time and no doubt there will be hiccups that occur. Please know that everyone is doing their best and if you have a concern, send it through to the school directly. Parent Network or other Facebook pages are not the most efficient way of getting a response and it is important for us to know when and what needs attention. If we do not know about a concern, then we cannot possibly remedy and/or provide an explanation.

Have a good week everyone and hopefully we continue to see the good news about a lack of positive Covid-19 tests in SA. Social distancing and washing hands/sanitising are still our best weapons against the virus and we will continue to promote that at school.

Kind regards
Steve Freeman