Dear families,

Further to my previous blog, we are following The Department’s recommendations in reducing the number of possible contact opportunities during the school day.


  1. Classroom volunteers will not be able to work with children at school.  Thankyou for your fantastic help during the school term and we hope that in the not too distant future we can relax this restriction.
  2. Party/Birthday food will no longer be allowed at school. Birthdays will still be celebrated by class teachers with their own class, but without food.
  3. The Kitchen Program has ceased for the remainder of the school term.  This coincides with the retirement of Amanda Whitrod who has been instrumental in the development of the Kitchen program since the start of the school. She was also a member of Governing Council for some time.  We will acknowledge Amanda’s contribution to Woodend Primary School later in the school year.
  4. As per the Department for Education recommendation, families are encouraged to kiss-and-drop wherever possible.  This may be at the car door or at the classroom door, depending on the age of your child. Please note that only students are to enter classrooms. Teachers will keep doors ajar/open so that it is not necessary to use the door handle (where possible).
  5. Contact with teachers can be through email, Seesaw or phone etc. We are limiting the times that we all have to be in contact with each other at this time.
  6. The school canteen is using a single line system to keep the number of students together at anyone time to a minimum. This seems to be working well.  At this stage the canteen remains open at recess and lunchtime for students to use.

Although it is disappointing to have to implement such changes, the safety of students, staff and our community remains our focus.

Kind regards,

Steve Freeman