This year our Senior Choir has been working hard on a repertoire of songs in preparation for the Public Schools Music Festival. This years songs include a new song written by Phil Cummings, a commissioned work by Robyn Habel and classic songs by Chuck Berry (Route 66) and Gloria Estefan (Get On Your Feet).

Our students will be performing these songs with other schools on stage at the Festival Theatre on Tuesday, 17th September in front of an audience of 2000 people! Many of the adults in our school community have also performed in the festival over it’s many years. It is a great experience.

This year one of our choir members, Madison Cranwell, will be performing a solo part for one of the songs. Madison is also a part of the South Australian Public Primary Schools Choir and will perform the next night as a guest artist.

As well as being one of our choir members, Josh Rossetto has also successfully auditioned as a guest artist. Josh will also be performing on the Wednesday night at the festival and is looking forward to playing the grand piano on the big stage.

This year we’ve had lots of help from people in our school. We want to thank Julie Bennett, our wonderful piano accompanist, Kellie Najjar who has worked with us throughout the year and Mrs Williams who has filled in and helped us whenever we needed.

We are extremely proud of all of our hard working and talented students and look forward to seeing them perform on the main stage.