Each year we seek your opinion on a number of aspects of our school.  Recently an electronic  survey was sent to all families and many families have already responded.

If you have yet to respond and wish to do so, please note that we will close the survey at the end of next week (June 7th at 5pm).

All responses are anonymous.  You have been given a survey code as that is required to be able to access the survey.  There is no connection between the survey code and any individual.

The responses will be aggregated and reported in the 2019 Annual Report (due out by March 2020). Responses will also be shared with Governing Council.  Please note that this does not include any written responses which are only seen by the Principal. However, a general summary of written responses will be reported to Governing Council.

Thankyou in advance for completing the survey.

Kind regards,

Steve Freeman