To the Woodend community

My name is Ailee; I am Chair and parent volunteer on our school Grounds Committee.

My husband and I are both on this committee as we enjoy helping the school to design, create and maintain projects that will improve the learning spaces for all the children at Woodend.

Our committee has very few parents/carers this year and I am asking you to consider being involved. We meet on a Tuesday afternoon twice a term and at the meeting make decisions on what projects need to be started, altered or maintained.  Your ideas and opinions are highly valued and you do not need any grounds experience to join, just a willingness to lend a hand.

Grounds Committee parents/carers help in many ways – the shop frontage and the moulded concrete mushrooms in “the street” were made by volunteers but also, electrical, general garden work – planting and mulching, tidying /updating play spaces and erecting bike racks.

This type of work cannot continue without parent support.

I ask you to consider my invitation to join the Woodend Grounds Committee.  Feel free to email me at or call the Front Office for more information.

Thank you for your support,

Ailee Cheney

– Grounds Committee parent volunteer