Year 4 & 5 students in rooms 1 & 2 have been undertaking music this term. We are using the the recorder to help gain further understandings of beat /pulse, rhythm and melody. Students have mastered the treble clef notes b and a so far. They have been looking at some of the different note lengths and the names associated with these i.e. semibreve, breve, minim and crotchet. The instructor has set the goal (by the end of term 4) for the students to successfully play ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ together in their class groups.

The student response has been very positive. Many students have been taking their recorder home to practice and have spent extra time in their breaks and before school practicing and furthering their skills independently.

Last week the instructor introduced students to a number of brass and wind instruments that they will have the option to learn next year. These instruments include the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, flute, clarinet and French horn. The lessons will be offered free through DECD and consist of small groups of 6-8 students working together with an instructor. Students can use their own instruments or hire them through the department of education for approximately $185 for the year (excluding the French horn which is a bit more expensive).