Last term the teachers of the Year 4/5 students worked with teachers from the Australian Maths and Science School (ASMS) to plan a STEAM challenge for the students.  The challenge was for students to build the tallest free-standing tower using spaghetti and marshmallows.  Each student had a specific role such as photographer, equipment custodian or builder and the team had to work collaboratively with set amounts of equipment and a time limit to reach their goal.  The photos showed problem-solving, decision-making, STEAM learning, team-work and communication.  Many appropriate reflective comments were made by students when evaluating their products. Thank you to the ASMS teacher, Feresh Pizarro, for her expertise and support and to the Year 4/5 teachers – Mrs Sheppard, Mr Brown, Alanna, Ms Guinan, Ms Amarnas and Ms Packer for your time and energy planning and organising the task.