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This year, we will be holding a School Colour-Run as our major fundraising event on Friday 28th September (the last day of this term). Organised by our SRC and parent network, this event is designed to raise much needed money towards new play equipment for our school.

About the Program: The School Colour-Run promotes healthy and active lifestyles while helping us raise funds! It’s all about participation, with students treated to a great day as a reward for their fundraising efforts.  Family support is key to our fundraising success and we encourage everyone to get involved. All students are able to participate in this event.

How Does My Child Fundraise? Firstly, go to schoolfundraising.com.au and create a student profile page. Everything to do with your fundraising revolves around this page. Once you have completed this, read through your Sponsorship Form (sent home today), which has instructions on how to raise money and order prizes.

Students who raise just $10 will receive a reward for their effort. The more they raise, the better their reward – don’t forget to check these out in the sponsorship form! We have educated students on the dangers of door knocking without adult supervision, and we encourage you to reiterate this at home. The best people to ask for sponsorship are people you know (e.g. friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours).

Online and Cash Fundraising: The easiest way to help your child raise money is through online fundraising, where students raise an average of $120. On top of raising more money, it’s also safer and easier than door knocking and you don’t have to worry about handling money! To start fundraising online, go to your student profile page at schoolfundraising.com.au and share your online fundraising link with everyone!

If you would prefer to collect cash donations, this can be done by recording on your sponsorship form. Money collected can then be taken into the office or submitted through the QKR app. Your total cash donation will need to be recorded on the sponsorship form and returned to the office to count toward your prizes.

Getting Involved: Not only can you support the school and students with your sponsorship – but you can join in on the fun! We would love to welcome parents and family members to attend the Colour-Run and watch your children. We are finalising a class running timetable for the day and will update that information on this post as soon as it’s ready. We can’t wait to see you at the event!

What to bring:  We would like students to come to school on the day ready to run. The powder used is washable and shouldn’t stain, but we still recommend old clothes and shoes to run in. A white shirt will help to best show the colour. Bring an old towel to clean up with after the run and to protect your car for the drive home. Adult volunteers will be spraying the colour powder and will be aiming below the neck. However, if you would like your child to wear goggles or sunglasses they are more than welcome.

Ordering Prizes – ALL PRIZES MUST BE ORDERED ONLINE: All prizes are ordered through your fundraising page. Ordering will be open for a specific time period. We will update these dates here soon.


Thank you for your support, good luck and happy fundraising!