Dear Parents

In week 9, room 1 are planning on organising a nature play week. We will need to have lots of materials donated/collected.

We are planning to include: Cubby and shelter building, an obstacle course, a mud kitchen, nature crafts and nature drawing.

Please let me know what you have and when you can bring it to school before bringing anything along. I can be contacted at

For the mud kitchen:

Pots and pans, large utensils, mixing bowls, muffin trays, wooden pallets, flowers (especially ones that dry well such as lavender and rosemary). We will also need someone handy with a drill to help us construct the kitchen (this will be a very basic job, just need the right tools and know how) – we have the sink!

For the Cubby and shelter building:

Lots and lots of longs sticks/branches, bamboo sticks, palm fronds (not really spiky ones though), old sheets, calico, rope, hessian sacks, cardboard boxes, cardboard tubing.

For the nature crafts and nature drawing:

Googly eyes, buckets, baskets, ice-cream containers (or similar) clay, dry leaves, seed pods, pine cones, sticks, gumnuts, feathers, jacaranda pods (or anything similar), shells, small pebbles, charcoal.

For the obstacle course:

Small logs, tyres, hay bales, cargo net, star droppers, ropes, cable wheels, tarps.


Alanna Maurin (Room 1 year ⅘)