Just reminding that our Book Week Parade will be at 10am on Friday of week 6 (31st AUGUST 2018).

We will gather on the Basketball court and parade around the oval, finishing at the stage. Children will be seated while some presentations are being made.

Regarding photographs, the note that went home to some families omitted a final few words.  The entire sentence reads:
As you would understand, parental consent must be obtained before photographing other people’s children and uploading images to social media such as Facebook.

As a school we must comply with both legal and Department for Education directions.  Hence parents not being permitted to photograph children in swimming centres.  At events such as Sports Days, Community Nights and Book Week Parades, it is expected that you may wish to get photographs of your own children in that event. This may include other children being captured in the photograph.  Legally, anyone whose image is uploaded to a social media site where it is shared with others, must have given permission for this to happen.

We use closed Facebook sites at school in order to ensure a known audience and permission is sought at the start of each year.


Steve Freeman