Book Week is fast approaching. It is celebrated week 5 of this term, which is also when our Premier’s Reading Challenge forms are due (Friday 24th August).  Please make sure your child/children have their PRC forms handed in to  their class teacher by the end of Book Week so they can be processed before the closing date of 7th September.

This year we will be celebrating Book Week in the Library with some special lunch time activities run by our students in the Library Committee.

The students are also looking forward to participation in our whole school Book Week Parade, which will be held at 10:00am on Friday 31st August (Week 6). We are having our parade the week after Book Week due to classes being out of the school during week 5 on camps etc.

We would love to see all students dressed as book characters for the parade or dress up for this year’s book theme “Find Your Treasure”.

Parents are welcome to join us for the parade and it was exciting to see parents come dressed as book characters last year. The students may stay dressed as their book character for the whole school day, so please be conscious of our sun safe policy and well as ensuring they wear appropriate footwear for the day.