Teachers have been busily moderating evidence of student learning, assigning grades and writing comments in preparation for mid-year reports. Mid-year reports are intended to communicate with families about how students are progressing in their learning and identify areas for further development this year. Reports will go home at the end of next week.

• An ‘A’ grade indicates that the student has shown a thorough knowledge and understanding of a topic and can apply that information in unfamiliar situations.

• Typically a ‘C’ grade means a student is achieving what is expected of them at that point in their learning. This is a considerable achievement because of the high expectations built in to the achievement standards.

• An ‘E’ grade means the student is just beginning to work towards the achievement standard.

If you are interested to know more, please find parent information sheets on:


Australian Curriculum Parent information Guides – these information sheets give an overview of what your child will typically learn in each of the eight learning areas.

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