Twice a year we survey all year 3-7 students about how safe they are feeling in the yard. The survey asks students about what they believe bullying is, how safe they are feeling in the yard, any issues they are experiencing with other students and asks for suggestions of what we might be able to do to improve our school. Students were also asked if they were currently experiencing bullying.

We conducted the first of these audits at the end of Term 1. The results have been collated and the results shared with staff, who have followed up with all students who reported having been bullied.


Some key findings from our latest audit:

60 students reported they were being bullied at the time of the audit. Each of these students has been followed up by either their classroom teacher, Pamela Hansen (Pastoral Care Worker) or Jane-Ann Natar (Deputy Principal). 16 of the students followed up reported that they had never been bullied and weren’t sure why they said that in the audit, 32 reported that the bullying or problem they had experienced was no longer happening with some of these occurring in previous years or at previous schools.

12 students reported ongoing issues, 8 of which were involved a group of friends who were experiencing difficulties resolving friendship issues. The adult who met with these students has supported them with strategies for resolving differences and is monitoring how they are managing this. One student reported bullying by a sibling and we have followed up with the parents. The remaining 3 students have been identified as experiencing ongoing  issues that are perceived as bullying. Adults have worked with the students involved and are confident the issues are now resolved.  We will continue to monitor these situations and check in with these students regularly.

Some of students suggestions for improving the school include:

  • don’t litter
  • no bullies
  • greater consequences for bullying
  • lock the gates
  • longer recess and lunch breaks
  • be nice to others
  • a no bully zone
  • put all the trouble makers together in one class
  • nothing – this school is perfect
  • report the bullying to teachers
  • more maths
  • more free time
  • new play equipment
  • a safe place in the yard free from bullies
  • separate play areas for younger kids
  • more free time
  • more teachers on yard duty
  • people not being silly
  • think about how you treat people
  • help people to be strong enough to do something about it


Our next audit will be in Term 3.