What an exciting week we had!

Last week (Week 4) we had Japanese Markets where Year 4/5 classes sold their hand made Origami products to Year 2, 3, and 3/4 classes in our Japanese Room.

Year 4/5 students learnt the skills to make various Origami products such as fries, Pikachu, ladybirds, fish, shirts, flip phones and Samurai helmets.  Year 2, 3, and 3/4 students made fake Japanese coins, an Origami wallet, and a Japanese-themed shopping bag for the Markets.

Prior to the Markets, both sellers (Year 4/5) and customers (Years 2, 3, and 3/4) had learnt big numbers in Japanese, currency, and shopping conversation sentences.  It was great to see so many happy faces and to hear Japanese language being actively used at the Markets!

Rieko Woodley

Years 2 to 5 Japanese Teacher