A primary focus for the Traffic & Safety Committee is to explore how we can make it SAFER and easier for families and students to walk or ride to school. We are working with the Way2Go initiative and with Marion Council to explore solutions… but we would like to hear from you!

We have a big poster sized Google Map of our neighborhood in the school foyer – please pop in and add YOUR usual route to school. We want to see where parents are driving, walking/riding, parking, and doing pick-up/drop-off. We will be showing this map to Marion Council staff to demonstrate the high traffic areas, the areas that need improvements, and the ideas that we have to make it safer for families.

We also have space to share & brainstorm YOUR ideas to improve and encourage walking/riding to school. Some wonderful ideas have already been raised: paved bike paths, safety houses, walking school bus, school-wide challenges, better access points, safer crossings, and more. Please pop into the foyer to add your ideas or your comments on the ideas already added.

If you cannot make it into the school you can also add your ideas to the online feedback form below.


While we are sharing with council everything that we can to improve both our walking & our traffic situation, it helps if council hears directly from you! If you see something that is a concern, please report it.

email: council@marion.sa.gov.au

phone: 8375 6600 

live chat: marion.sa.gov.au – click on the Hello button in the bottom right corner

There is a new free app called Snap Send Solve which allows you to report issues to your local council. Simply snap a photo and send it directly to City of Marion. We urge you to try it out!


We are working with Marion Council & the Department for Education to improve the ‘kiss & go’ at Woodend: we hope to extend the current zone to accommodate more cars as well as include afternoon pick-up, which we have not had at Woodend since 2013.

Stay tuned for more information on this, once plans have been approved by council. And please note that currently we do not have an afternoon pick up zone (this space is parking only) but students are supervised on the room 1 deck until 3:20 to offer you more time to park and pick up.

In the meantime we ask that all parents who park and/or drop-off/pick-up kids near the school to please respect all road rules and respect our neighbours as well. We need to work together as a community and make safety our priority.


  • use crosswalks
  • respect no parking/no stopping restrictions
  • be careful not to park in front of driveways
  • no double parking on edward beck to pick up students
  • no U-turns out of kiss & go zone
  • drive around the block if the kiss & go is full


The next Traffic & Safety Committee meeting is WED 30 MAY 5pm in the staff room. We welcome new members, including non-parent community members.