Each year as part of Woodend’s Transition program, we conduct school-to-kindy and kindy-to-school play visits.  Reception children visit the Woodend Children’s Centre to reacquaint or meet the teachers, children and the learning space and in Term 3, our Reception classes are hosts to the kindy children.  It is often a very engaging experience for ex-Woodend Children Centre children as they love to meet up with their teachers again, their kindy friends and return to play spaces that provided fond memories.

In Term 3, the kindy children have the opportunity to visit our Reception classrooms.  They meet the teachers and children and experience our learning spaces both inside and out.  We also enjoy having Trott Park Kindy children visit us this term or in      Term 4.

During Term 4, the kindy children also have formal Orientation visits where they spend time in their 2019 classroom and meet children from other prior-to-school settings.  We believe this aspect of the Transition program assists the kindy children to gradually transition to school and to develop familiarity with our school environment.

Recently, Room 5 visited Woodend Children’s Centre and in the coming weeks will be Rooms 5, 27 and 18.