Today we participated in World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). Following the Lots of Socks theme created by Down Syndrome International, the majority of students and staff donned their favourite or most colourful long and/or short socks.  There was such a variety of colours, patterns, textures and lengths!  The reason for celebrating this day was to raise awareness of Down Syndrome amongst our community.  As mentioned in our previous blog post, the theme of Lots of Socks, is to create conversation about diversity, uniqueness, inclusion and acceptance just as socks come in all types, shapes, sizes and colours.

Today, being 21 March, we also celebrated Harmony Day.  The key messages we shared with students today were about being inclusive, always showing respect, and enabling all students to feel a sense of belonging in our school and our country.  Accepting and celebrating diversity promoted on Harmony Day, complemented the theme shared on World Down Syndrome Day.

We thank students and staff for participating in this day.