CULLEN Team Chant

We are fierce, we are fast 

We’ll be sure to have a blast

Working as a team you will see 

We’re the ones to surely beat!

We will win every game 

Making sure we strive for fame 

Come on crew lets go hard,

We will win the shield by far!!


GREGORY Team Chant

Glorious Gregory is our name

Fun and laughter is our aim

We’re here to win and we’re going to have fun

We won’t stop until the day is done

We’re going to be positive and make you proud

So don’t forget to shout out loud!


LEVER Team Chant

Legendary Levers that’s our name

Sports day champions that’s our aim

We won’t stumble or fall down

We will go and win the crown

Jump to the left, jump to the right.

Let’s go team

Fight, fight, fight.

GOOOOO Levers 



Woollard Warriors, winnings our aim

This red team has some game

Every time we take the field

It brings us closer to the shield

We are powerful, we are proud

We are Warriors, hear our crowd