Our Senior Choir has begun rehearsals for 2018. Once again, this year we will be working toward a major performance at the Public Schools Music Festival in September. The Public Schools Music Festival is a school-based music education program brought to you by the SA Public Primary Schools’ Music Society and the Department for Education and Child Development. Beginning in 1891 as the Thousand Voice Choir, this program has been an integral part of South Australian life and stands as an official State Icon.  The program reaches thousands of primary and secondary children each year and allows students an opportunity to perform at prestigious venues, such as the Festival Theatre.

There are Festival Choirs in over 300 schools across South Australia and, once again, our school is looking forward to participating in this program and performing at the Festival Theatre in September. As well as this major performance, our choir will perform at assemblies and our school music night, as well as in our community if the opportunity arises.

If your child has attended our try out rehearsals, they have received a note inviting them to join our Festival of Music Choir for the year from which we will be selecting a final performing group for the Festival Theatre performance. If you haven’t received a note or would like some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.