The sun shining across the shimmering blue water was the first sight we saw as we pulled up at the Port Noarlunga Aquatics Centre on Monday. 6 Classes of year 5,6,7 students piled out and down on to the beach ready to participate in a variety of water sport activities.

Every year students across the year 6/7 classes at Woodend participate in Aquatics at Port Noarlunga. The year 7 students get first preference followed by the year 6 students and have the choice of activities such as snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, canoeing and fishing, just to name a few.  Each student is then placed in a small group where they have instructors to support them and teach them surf safety whilst participating in these fabulous activities.

This year we were very lucky to have two beautiful days filled with sunshine and clear skies and the students definitely made the most of this time outside of the classroom.

Students from room 15 and 16 had many favourite parts of the two days. Snorkelling was definitely one of these, as we were able to see many fish, starfish and sea slugs. The surf was excellent on Monday with 3-4 ft waves and many students delighted at being able to catch a wave and actually stand up on a surfboard for the first time.

The culmination of our two fabulous days was with a shared lunch of well deserved Hot Chips. Sharing lunch with students from across the Middle School cohort was a great way to cement newly built friendships and consolidate old ones. We followed this up with running races and a sandcastle building competition before returning to school at 3pm.