The school year has begun very well if today is anything to go by.  All of our new Reception children were taken on tours of the school in order to familiarise themselves with where everything is (or at least the important parts of the school).  Children R-7 were settled and on task within their respective classroom areas.  Specialist teachers commented on how polite and attentive all students were in their rooms.

At the same time we had 10 Korean Trainee Teachers in classrooms working alongside our regular teachers. They were very impressed with the good manners and listening skills that everyone showed.

Below please find a list of teachers with year levels and room numbers, all handy details when using the Qkr App.

Room 1         Year 4/5            Alanna Maurin

Room 2         Year 4/5            Sara Guinan

Room 3         Reception         Katie Oxenberry

Room 4         Year 2                Lyn Klinkert / Hayley Boys

Room 5         Reception         Denise Ogilvie

Room 6         Year 2               Jessica Harris / Sonia Gallagher

Room 7         Year 1               Amelia Bolt

Room 8         Year 1               Lindy Podzuweit

Room 9         Year 4/5           Karen Sheppard

Room 10       Year 4/5          John Brown

Room 11       Japanese        Rieko Woodley

Room 12       D&T / Visual Arts  Cate Ellis

Room 13       Japanese         Sarah Vinall

Room 15       Year 6/7           Peta Harnois

Room 16       Year 6/7           Aimee Aparicio/Jarrod Lamshed

Room 17       Year 5/6           Pete Natar

Room 18      Reception        Jennifer Toubia/Cathie Luke

Room 19      Year 6/7           Lesley MacFarlane

Room 20      Year 2              Jude Gabriel-Smith / Lyn Klinkert

Room 21       Year 1             Mel Goudie

Room 22       Year 1             Belinda Yardley

Room 23       Year 3             Marc Saffin

Room 24       Year 3            Jess Murphy

Room 25       Year 4/5         Liz Armanas

Room 27       Reception      Courtney Mesecke

Room 28       Year 6/7         Merry Whelan

Room 29       Year 6/7         Don Zampogna

Room 30       Year 3/4         Kelly Green / Tegan Reid

Design & Technology         Vicki Gregory

Hall      Performing Arts     Sue Thomson