2018 Sports Day Update

We would like to say thank you to our school community for engaging and sharing feedback regarding our Sports Day. We have had lots of great feedback from staff, students, parents and as a result of this we are pleased to announce the following changes.


  1. The name of each sports team will be set and ongoing. Currently there is a process in place to determine the house names and these will be announced in early 2018.
  2. Families will be assigned to the same colour and house for the duration of their primary schooling.  This will enable families to know their allocated house and colour for the duration of their schooling, for all family members.
  3. Only year 7 students will be eligible to become Sports Day Captains. nThis will open up more opportunities for year seven students to take on a leadership role on Sports Day.
  4. More students will be involved with sprints throughout the day.


Additional feedback regarding the activities and the structure of the day, will be taken into account when planning the 2018 sports day.

The 2018 house captains will continue their important role in creating team banners and team chants. Their preparation for the day will include creating a warm up dance and helping to plan the events and structure of the day.

Thank you again on behalf of the Sports day Committee,

Matt Hehner