At this time of the year we know that there will generally be a number of staff who will not be at the school in 2018.  The following gives a brief summary of this as we know it now of staff for whom retirement is the reason for moving on.

Six staff are retiring at the end of the 2017 school year.

They are:

  • Jane Ramsey
  • Jennifer Cullen
  • Jennie Hoskins
  • Jo Cole
  • Ginny Langton
  • Marilyn Brown

Each of these teachers has contributed to the education of many students in a wide range of schools during their lifetime.  They have certianly had a great impact on the lives of Woodend students, with Jenny Cullen being one of the first teachers at Woodend Primary School when it opened in May of 1995.

In the short time I have come to know each of these teachers, I have seen their tireless dedication to young people.  Even as they near the end of term four, their energy has continued, including their passionate support during our class placement process,  ensuring that each child is best placed for the new year.  Excursions and camps are continuing, along with a strong focus on learning. Preparation for assemblies, involvement on our CAFE Menu and Daily Five program as well as consolidation of math concepts has not waned.  At the moment they are busy writing comprehensive end of year reports for parents.

We will miss their input but at the same time wish them well for their retirement. I know that each person values the fact that they have been a part of the Woodend Community.  This certainly is a direct result of the friendly and supportive nature of families.  Woodend School is indeed a unique place.

A quote worth considering at this time;   “Today I close the door to the past, open the door to the future, take a deep breath and step on through to start the next chapter in my life.”

We wish each of these teachers well for their retirement.

In the last week we will provide as much detail as we can about other staff who may be taking leave and those new staff who are coming to be a part of the Woodend community in 2018.


Kind regards,

Steve Freeman