The children in Room 8 have spent the last four weeks working on a unit of work about our Indigenous people. We have focussed on learning about their connections to the land, their artwork and their lives in the past. This week as a conclusion to our unit of work we went to the Art Gallery to see the TARNANTHI Exhibition. we learnt that TARNANTHI means celebrating new beginnings, such as the beginning of each day as the sun rises. We looked at many of the artworks and were lucky enough to have had guides that were able to tell us about the artworks and what they represented and how they were made. We were interested to see that these artworks were all done in 2016 and 2017, so were different from the ones that we had looked at in our class. Following the exhibition the children all took part in a making workshop using plastics and recyclable materials that often end up out in the oceans. We are committed to conserving our environment and working to stop litter from entering our waterways. The final part of our day at the art gallery was to look at a   variety of different portraits and to try and see how the artists had drawn or painted them and what they represented. We are now painting our own portraits, we hope you enjoy looking at them.   Awesome 8.