We are in the process of gaining additional feedback from parents about some of the areas that we focus on in the school.  This survey assists us to further improve what we do for all students.  It is considered in conjunction with student and staff feedback.

Recently we did send the survey link to  a randomly selected group of families as required by DECD, however in order to ensure a broad response, it has been decided to send to all families in the school.  If you have already responded to the survey, it is not necessary for you to respond again.

If you have more than one child attending Woodend Primary School, please just respond in relation to one of the children in your family.

The responses from parent, staff and student feedback will be summarised in our Annual Report given at the Governing Council AGM in early 2018.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Steve Freeman


(Apologies if you tried the previous link and it didn’t work.  It is now linked correctly to the survey.)