Since the beginning of Term 1 students in room 11 have been keeping a ‘Gratitude Journal’.

The journals are not intended to look attractive and be decorative, each student journal is like a log book of all of the things they have been grateful for so far this year.

Many students began the journey by recording things they own or gifts they have been given that they are thankful for.

The lists included things like Ipads, game consoles and games, scooters, bikes and toys.

However, through discussion and sharing the whole class soon realised that there are many other things in life to be grateful for.

Things like:

  • Talents and skills
  • Music, books and art
  • Things in nature
  • Knowledge and lessons
  • Experiences
  • People, friends and family
  • Memories and feelings

The list continued to grow

What We Do

1st thing every morning students record 3 things they are grateful for, after which, they spend 5 minutes sharing with the whole class if they wish.

What We Discovered

Perhaps the most significant step in our journey came when students began being grateful for some of the things we might first see as negative but actually help us to learn and grow.

Things like:

  • Set backs and mistakes
  • Loosing
  • Feeling sadness
  • Being different
  • Not being good at everything

 Why We Keep a Gratitude Journal

Spending time reflecting on things we are thankful for can help us be more optimistic, see the good in situations, build persistence to overcome challenges and be more resilient when things don’t always go to plan.

The students in room 11 have been on a significant journey thinking about all of the things, big and small, that they are grateful for. Each day they come into class they are still able to record 3 gratitude’s with ease. Well Done room 11!