Monday 16 – Friday 20 October 2017 (Term 4 Week 1) is Woodend’s celebration of all things Science.  Our Science Week provides opportunities for students to enjoy and develop an understanding of important science concepts and processes and the applications in our lives.  The students can engage in observing, noticing phenomena, identify relationships and patterns, develop, pose and answer questions, design, investigate, experiment, trial and retrial, develop hypotheses and/or theories and make applications to real life.


Science Week is also about family engagement.  One significant aspect of Science Week is the involvement of families in the Science Expo.  This is a time for families to have fun with science! Families have the opportunity between now and Week 1 to investigate some aspect of science/maths/technology of interest to them and investigate, research, explore and/or design together. Your family creation/investigation/product may be presented in the form of a:

  • poster
  • diorama
  • display (photos/ description/labels with drawings/mixtures)

The displays may be interactive (students can trial your experiment/investigation) or just for observing (students are not permitted to touch, just observe). With your poster, diorama or display, you can also have a digital demonstration.  This is optional.   Your child can bring their expo item to their class from Monday 16/9 – Thursday 19/9/17. We ask that families refrain from bringing the lava volcano experiment as this is a common and well-trialled activity.

The Science Expo takes place on Thursday 19 October 2017 from 6 – 7pm and all day on Friday 20 October 2017 in various rooms throughout the school.


We have these topics should you need some support or inspiration:  Science ideas for parents/carers

Here are some links to some useful science ideas:

We are excited for your family to share your fun and interest with us as a school community.

We ask that you start to put your science hats on and be creative!


Additional to the Expo, we are hopeful of securing the expertise and inspiration of scientists from SA’s Tall Poppy Scientist program and stimulating science shows from South Australian organisation, SciWorld. Classes will also be conducting their own science activities throughout the week.

If you have any questions about this week, please see your classroom teacher.