In between showers on the morning of Thursday 7 September, we celebrated the official opening of the Outdoor Shop Fronts.  The students had the opportunity to meet members of the Grounds Committee who were instrumental in making the shops.  These members worked tirelessly to design, build and erect this structure, one being Roger Beasley, who built the structure, drew up a plan (based on the student’s suggestions) and painted the designs.  Ably assisted by Simon Cheney, Brett Simes, Ken McTaggart and welding expert, Bob Middleton-Frew the metal frames were attached to the shop fronts and surrounds were paved.  To complete the area, volunteer, Ashley Farrell and SSO, Sharyn Paris finished the tables and tidied the area to prepare it for the opening. A big thank you to these important people at Woodend as without their collective efforts, the students would not have the opportunity of this new and fun play space. The students came up with many ideas for using the nature play items  creatively and safely.  If parents/carers have access to any safe and free nature play items that students can use in the shops, we would be grateful of these donations.