At our August Governing Council meeting we were very lucky to have Mrs Whelan and a few of her students along present to us on the learning they are doing in their 6/7 class. Max, Tyler, Cooper B., Rhiley, Danika, and Blanka shared with the council how they have been working on maths, in and out of the classroom. Their strategies include:

  • khan academy – an online maths app which allows you to practice your skills and track your progress
  • holding a Maths Day – like sports day only all focused on maths!
  • ‘arguing’ with each other about maths problems and answers, to share new ways of looking at problems and more than one answer to the problems
  • doing maths puzzles and games from sites like

The students had the council members working on one of these puzzles together – Exploding Hats and the Unsolvable Math Problem! They definitely had us thinking, failing, arguing about the problem and the answers, and challenging ourselves in new ways!

Thank you to Mrs Whelan and her students (and their parents!) for coming along to Governing Council to engage us in their learning.

Other topics for Governing Council discussion include:

  • upcoming Parent Workshops on intellectual stretch, student voice in learning, and numeracy
  • as well as the upcoming science week in term 4 (stay tuned for more information on both of these things);
  • reports & updates from all of our subcommittees (OSHC, grounds, healthy eating, sports, parent network, and Way2Go);
  • as well as information from our leadership team about Sentral – the new school data management system used for attendance as well as other features.

As always, our school is a busy place! Be sure to keep checking our news blog for information from our various committees and initiatives.

Karen Gunton
Governing Council Chairperson