While the students of Woodend Primary were all settling into their first day of Term 3, the children of Room 4 were already busy at work, witnessing a baby chick pipping out of it’s egg, right in front of their eyes. Over the course of week one, they saw another 11 chicks hatch. However, the learning did not stop there. Room 4 completed individual daily journals, where they recorded their observations. They learnt about the anatomy of an egg and the life cycle of a chicken. They discovered what animals hatch from eggs and the needs of all living things. Room 4 completed a variety of egg experiments and enjoyed one-on-one time with their chicks.

The learning that took place over the two weeks was rich, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable. Each and every child made special memories that will live with them forever. While the children were sad to see the chicks go, they knew they were off to excellent homes, with an abundance of land for the chicks to enjoy.