Keeping up with the latest social media apps can be tricky. It’s even more complicated when the terms and conditions change, often without us noticing.

This week, SNAPCHAT has been in the news for it’s new feature ‘SnapMaps’. This feature allows users to see exactly where their friends are located. For adults this might not be a big deal, but it is certainly more of a concern for our students using this app.

We highly recommend talking with students about online safety and privacy. SnapChat’s features are tricky to monitor as photos that are sent and received are not saved and can’t be monitored. Being safe and responsible online is something we¬†discuss at school as a part of our learning around cyber safety, but supporting this conversation at home is important.

By clicking on the settings icon in SnapChat you can select and enable ‘ghost mode’ which disables the ‘SnapMaps’ feature.