Classes for 2018

In order to form classes for 2018 it is important that we estimate our 2018 student numbers as accurately as possible.

If your child will not be attending our school next year, please let us know in writing, ASAP. 

Alternatively, if you have a child due to start school next year, please enrol them now!

Placing students in class groups is a complex process, which takes staff many weeks to work through during terms  3 & 4 each year.

It is about creating a group of students, which has a gender balance, a range of learning abilities, and a range of behavioural and social needs in each class.  Factors such as groups of students who can work collaboratively together in a class setting, preferred learning styles, social and emotional maturity, and even physical size are all considered when making up class groups.

In order to make the best decisions about class groups we need as much information as possible.


Steve Freeman