The Studio has been a vibrant and exciting learning space this year. I am currently using the studio for a variety of lessons which encourage students to explore, solve problems, pose questions, research, investigate, create and present their learning and discoveries. Reception students have been involved in a range of hands on learning tasks in the area of Science and Physics. They have investigated moving objects and explored the way different surfaces affect the rate at which an object rolls. Year 3  students have experimented with making basic electrical circuits using batteries and globes. Some students created amazing constructions and devices using closed circuits that contained lights and buzzers. Some students built cars and others devices that moved through the use of battery power. Year 4 and 5 students worked on a range of Inquiry based projects, investigating liquids, solids and gases. Some of their investigations involved making thixatropic liquids that have the properties of both a solid and a liquid.This term the year 6 and 7 students are Inquiring through Chemistry and are experimenting using safe acids and powders. They are designing their own Inquiry projects which are based on this Science theme. Please come into the Studio any time to see what the latest projects are. We love to share our discoveries and learning with everyone.

Vicki Gregory