On Tuesday, June 20, 12 Year 7 students represented Woodend at a Japanese Quiz afternoon. Our students teamed up with students from other schools. Our students were in 4 different teams. There were 13 teams in total, with over 100 students involved altogether.

Our students were excellent contributors to their groups, knowing many of the answers required in a variety of topics.  They certainly held their own during the afternoon.

Students also took part in a true/false game, kendama competition and jankenpon (rock, paper, scissor) challenge. We had great results with Zarlie and Henry mastering the kendama and Max taking out the overall jankenpon title!

We had a number of students being part of the teams which came second and third.

The afternoon was a huge success full of learning, sharing of knowledge, and of course lots of fun!

みなさん よくできました! Well done everyone!

Vinall せんせい Sarah Vinall


Some comments from the students…

This Japanese quiz was amazing and very interesting and it became very intense. It was showing us what we had learnt through the years and we could socialise with other people that we had never met. This year’s quiz was amazing and we could learn a lot about Japan and its culture.  LUKA

Personally I really liked the Japanese quiz afternoon because it was very interesting and fun. I learnt a lot and taught others a bit as well. Some of the topics we did was the quiz on were hiragana, numbers, grammar, pronounciation and geography. The most interesting thing I learnt was about the sea between Japan and Russia.   MAX

I really enjoyed the quiz. I personally learnt new things and facts about Japan. Our team came third overall which was a great effort as we all put in 100% at trying our best.  FLYNN

Max the Jankenpon champ!

The boys…Luka, Henry and Kieran

Zarlie and Hayley ready to go!

Max and Flynn ready to begin

Brianna and Lilyana getting ready to answer many questions

Tamsyn, Alka and Jordan about to be part of a great team.

Kendama champs Zarlie and Henry