We were very lucky to have Mark LeMessurier back at our school for a second presentation… this time on Practical Ideas to Build Healthy Resilient Children.

Mark recommended we watch this short video as it epitomizes what resilience is… our ability to bounce back…

… and he shared some qualities of resilience that we can practice as parents, and model to our children.

Mark shared that one of the ways we can help our children learn resilience is to cultivate the ability to move themselves on the spectrum from sadness – to neutral – to happiness, and to have awareness of where their ‘upset’ falls on the worry scale.

Mark also shared this video with us, reminding us that it is often the simplest things that our children want and need…

Here’s what some of the parents attending the presentation wanted to share…


I love the way Mark presents with such a relaxed style, including sharing personal stories. The thing I’m going to hold onto the most is that teenagers DO want to eat together as a family even if they don’t show it and that kids really would love to have their friends over to eat a meal with the family too (because they like to have all of their favourite people together at the same time!) Lots of other wonderful tips throughout the night that either gave you confirmation or tools to adjust in the easiest of ways. ~ Amanda


Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mark speak. Lots of gentle reminders, of really, what we are aiming for really… a resilient child who becomes an adult capable of managing life’s ups and downs. My big take home was the importance of including your child’s friends at the dinner table… the family and friends both sharing common space and together. For me, it reaffirmed that the chats and guidance I often have with my children about life’s good and also sometimes down times, life skills we try to encourage and the ability to sometimes let things slide… i.e the little trouble with another child at school are helping my children to build resilience. I would encourage all parents with children of all ages (mine 22yrs to 4yrs) to come along next time Mark speaks to our community. ~ Michelle


I found Mark’s presentation engaging and informative. I find the positive approach he takes is very empowering. He provided practical examples on how to build resilience in children. The part that resonated the most with me was probably the most obvious point; our children learn from us and our behaviours. Also, be there, in the moment listening to your child when they share. Another take away was even though they probably don’t show it teenagers actually do like spending time with their parents. Overall lots of great info and well worth attending. ~ Lauren


Mark’s presentations are so interesting, fun and brilliantly in touch with modern parenting. Full of useful tips, reminders and sometimes just lovely affirmations that we are all doing ok. I loved his point on actively picking out some wonderful attributes that your kids have and then making sure to use them in everyday life. Actually saying them out loud so that kids start to recognize that you see them that way and believing it themselves. Such a wonderful confidence tool. ~ Kelli


The thing i love about Mark’s presentations is that his suggestions are really simple and doable, they work in everyday real life! I loved this tip: tell your kids what you admire about them, what you SEE in them (strengths, virtues, qualities) so that they hear good things about themselves from a significant adult… it helps build confidence, self-esteem, and a positive self-image.  Another great tip Mark shared for helping our kids be more resilience is to make it so that your kids don’t always receive the same things, the same value of gifts or treats… it shouldn’t always be ‘fair’ and ‘even’ and ‘same. He also suggested to make sure your kids are giving, contributing, doing acts of kindness for others, even just preparing a simple meal for their family… otherwise we teach them to expect others to always do everything for them!  ~ Karen


For me personally, I like that Mark reminds you that you don’t have to be perfect parent just a present one! ~ Sarah

Click here for information on Mark’s previous presentation on Dealing With Big Feelings, as well as links to his website and to his books and parent resources.

Thank you to the parents who attended this fabulous session. If you have an idea for another topic or presenter that would help us to support our children’s learning, please let your class parent network representative know! ~ Woodend Parent Network