We had special visitors from Japan this week- Natsue sensei and Akihiro sensei.  Year 4 students had an experience with Japanese calligraphy (shuuji しゅうじ), Y3 students enjoyed making a Japanese spinning top (makigomaまきごま)and Reception students did paper dying (おりぞめ) for making a fan.

All the activities are based on traditional Japanese culture and students really enjoyed this experience.  While being taught in Japanese, students did a great job understanding the instruction by listening to simple Japanese words and observing the teacher demonstrations.

Natsue sensei demonstrated how to use a brush and write a line as a part of the word.

Students learned to write the word “big” in Japanese (kanji)

Y3 students made a spinning top and tested it.

Reception students dyed their own paper which used to construct a fan later by Natsue sensei and Akihito sensei.