Welcome to¬†the new school year! This year we are aiming to feature a blog post each week from one of our classrooms. There are lot’s of great things happening in our school and we look forward to sharing some of these experiences more regularly. This week, we are hearing from Room 17.


From Mr Lamshed...

We are off to a fantastic start in room 17. It has been great getting to know lots of new faces and we can see, already, that this is going to be a strong group of learners. This week, we’ve spent some time learning about each other and have already jumped into some maths, art, writing, geography and our spelling program. We have been building our team skills through ‘Play is the Way’ games each day as well as focussing on the skills we need to be successful in the classroom.

We had an interesting start to the week with a visit from Channel 7!


From Brianna…

On the first day of school, Monday 30th of January, Channel 7 news came to our class (room 17). They filmed us making paper aeroplanes as part of a lesson about algorithms which is a type of coding. Coding is now part of the reception to year 8 curriculum. In the video it shows that you can learn to code in a lot of different ways. In the video two of our students, Ella & Kye, and also our teacher, Mr.Lamshed, got to speak.

The final product was great and you can watch it here: