It is soon time for your son/daughter to commence their life as a school person at Woodend Primary School.  We look forward to welcoming them next Monday 30 January from 8:30am onwards dressed in their school uniform with school bag and ready for the morning.  Our Reception teachers are busy preparing for their arrival.  
A reminder of the following events commencing next week:
1. Your child stays until 12:30pm each day for the first week and on one of the afternoons you will have time booked to have a ‘Building Connections’ conversation with your child’s teacher.  Please see your child’s teacher if you are yet to organise this.
2. You are welcome to our “Cheers or Tears” Get Together on the morning of that Monday 30/1/17.  The leadership team, including our new Principal, Mr Steve Freeman, and members of Parent Network look forward to chatting with you. 
3.   Our Volunteer Induction workshops commence next week.  They will take place on:
TUESDAY 31/1/17          9:15 – 10:30am
WEDNESDAY 1/2/17      9:15 – 10:30am
TUESDAY 7/2/17            6:00 – 7:30pm
These will take place in the staff room.  Please call the front office to register interest.
If you require any more information about your child’s start to school, please see your child’s teacher or contact the front office.  
We look forward to meeting with you and we trust your son/daughter has a positive start at Woodend Primary School.