We congratulate our Year 7 graduates of  2016 and wish them all the best in 2017 as they progress to high school and a new and exciting  phase in their lives.

We are very proud  of the way these students have worked to be good leaders at this school and strong role models for their peers  and our younger students.

Our Graduation Ceremony  on Thursday 15 December was a celebration of the team efforts that have supported the learning and development of these students to grow from small children (Hans, who towers above our teachers, is pictured with two of our youngest students) who were highly dependent on parents and teachers, to young adolescents who are able to set their own goals, make strong decisions about their personal and social development, work collaboratively with peers and adults,  and help each other learn.

During the Graduation Ceremony  we  heard addresses from Mr Marshall, Karen Gunton (Governing Council), Tash Christophers (SRC) and Year 7 class teachers.  All students were involved in introducing a peer and we had speeches from the valedictory speakers of each class.  There was a musical interlude presented by Josh,Toby, Noah, Nikki and Lily. Special Awards were presented  by Jane-Ann Natar.

Formal dance demonstrations were followed by photo opportunities.  We thank Sandra Davies  for creating the wonderful graduation cake which was a focal point for many photos.


The evening concluded with a  social for the Year 7s.

The following day students performed at the farewell assembly and also signed the autographs’ page in the  Year 7 Magazine. Many brought  old school tops or hats for signing as well.

Bunnings at Marion very generously provided our students with a  tree (citrus) which will be planted in the kitchen garden as a memento.  Bunnings also provided each student with a pencil case with a few goodies in it.  We were very proud that our year 7 students voted to donate these pencil cases to students who are more needy.  They agreed that we will hand the pencil cases over to the Year 7s of 2017 and ask them to fill the pencil case with more pencils etc before sending them off to needy students in remote / or less well off Australian schools or overseas.

Details of the graduation ceremony and awards presentations will be posted on the school website early in 2017.