Beach Day at Brighton was a fun and educational excursion for PE Week. Students participated in a Surf Safety session, played beach games and learned about local Marine Life. We also learned how to paddle on surf boards and catch a few waves. It was not only great fun but a great way to exercise and keep fit.

We have tried Maths”N”Movement sessions to promote physical activity into learning and practising our Maths skills. Students have worked collaboratively to plan and organise games which involve movement and exercise with Multiplication Tables, Addition Facts and Counting. We love to play these games to increase our heart rate and energise our brains to help us focus on our work.


My Amazing Body was the class Inquiry topic for this week. Students researched about the systems of the body and how they work. We also looked at nutrients in our favourite healthy foods to learn about how they benefit the body.


We love Fitness Games and Team Games to burn up energy and increase our circulation.

We enjoy Cardio training using Fitness Apps for a quick break and to challenge our endurance.

We love skipping for a healthy heart and to help improve our co-ordination. We linked our learning to a Homework Task to research and present our knowledge and understanding on the effects of exercise on our body.



Year 3/4 Students from Room 30.