Over the past week we celebrated World Teachers’ Day.  Teachers  always love to know they are appreciated  and the  acknowledgments by students on Friday 28 Oct were much loved.  Our teachers were treated to a wonderful morning tea on Monday 31 October. We thank our  very generous and thoughtful  parents from Governing Council and Parent Network for that great gesture. The food was amazing and so abundant that we were still eating it on Wednesday.

Teachers know they in a privileged position; able to experience the joy of learning every day with our students and colleagues.  They know, too, that it is never without huge effort and expertise that real learning success can be sustained.  It is a wonderful thing to share learning successes with students, especially when they have come through tremendous personal endeavours by both student and teacher.

We know that teaching is all about learning. On World Teachers’ Day we acknowledge our teachers as great learners. And we celebrate their enduring efforts to develop our students as expert learners.