Tuesday, 1 November (Class, Individual & Family)

Today you have received your child’s photo envelopes. These envelopes are personalized with every students personal code.

Information about your upcoming photo day!

  • If you are placing an order please ensure each child has their own envelope which has a unique ordering code.
  • Please Do Not place another child’s envelope inside their sibling’s envelopes.
  • Please collect a family envelope from the school office if you wish to have a family photo taken.
  • All children are photographed regardless of whether you are paying or not. This is for the school’s records.
  • The school does NOT give change nor do the photographers. PLEASE ensure the correct money is enclosed.
  • If you lose your envelope before photo day you will need to see Kerri in the school office for your unique ordering code.
  • Only if you are paying on the day and requesting it, will a family photo be taken

Ordering online is the only way you can pay with credit cards

“No Sports Photos this year”

For more information please call 1800 750 856 or see Kerri in the school office.

www.leadingimage.com.au / info@leadingimage.com.au