All our science week events that  classes are involved in will be set out in a blog post next week. Throughout the week first week of next term we have many classes visiting the mirror dome, primary classes working with scientists  to conduct interesting investigations, the Expo  and of course our Star Gazing evening  also which we encourage families to come along and view the Rings of Saturn…

Just a reminder that we are expecting that all students contribute  something to the Science   and Technology Expo on 21 October.  We have set this as a family science and technology challenge and we think that these holidays are an ideal time for you to work with your child  on something to display at the Expo.  We know there are all sorts of great things that students and families have already started.  Pictured above is Charlotte with her  bacteria experiment  display which includes the bacteria covered potato samples she is examining and a poster  of how she is conducting her investigation.  Great stuff Charlotte.  We have provided links  to ideas in previous posts: here and here.

Our  teachers  have been promoting the expo and all parents and students should now be fully aware  via school and class teacher communications.

We expect that on Friday 21 October  parents and students will visit the gym and various other venues around the school to view and enjoy all the  exhibits that families have been working on.  We think this will be a very exciting and inspiring  day. During the first four days of term we would expect students exhibits to come in for their classes to see and  on Thursday afternoon we would set up for the big Expo. How exciting!  The science week organising committee will be presenting certificates to all exhibitors!

A big thank you to Sarah Thomas who has been fantastic in linking us with scientists and finding contacts to make this wonderful week possible.