This term in room 23 we have been learning to understand the features of narrative texts. We spent a lot of time discussing and analysing the key components of a narrative including characters, settings and text structure. We also developed our understanding of adjectives to help make our characters, settings and overall stories more interesting. After looking at the features of many narratives we were able to begin to create our own stories. We discussed that authors go through a long process to create their stories including editing, changing and improving their work, a process we then went through also. 

Not only have we been learning to produce narrative texts but we have also been learning about growth mindsets and that facing challenges and struggling is a part of learning and growing. We chose to publish our stories on Google Slides which saw us struggle for weeks trying to type our work, check for mistakes, edit the text style and create and include a picture, many things we had never tried before. In doing so we have been learning to take risks, have a try and be prepared to fail, even if it means losing all our work and learning about the undo button. 

We have now created a class book that we hope you enjoy and can be found by clicking on the link below.