Our group of 16 students and 3 staff are really enjoying this Japanese experience.  We have been very warmly welcomed by Myojo host families, students and staff.  Below are some shots from our adventure so far.  More will be posted later in our trip. Host  families are following us  here.

img_7257Shopping at Haneda Airport in Tokyo…

Greeted by host families at Myojo Gakuen.img_7300







First day in classes.img_7317 img_7318 img_7325 img_7330

img_7334 img_7347

Welcome Assembly and in classes…

img_7428 img_7437 img_7448img_7452 img_7450 Travelling to Shinjuku (the world’s busiest train station)… on the way to Hakone, on 8 Sept..img_7474 img_7471 img_7482 img_7487  In Hakone we stayed at a ryokan and ate traditional meals, visited the Jinga Shrine, walked the ancient cedar forest road, experienced many different forms of transport, experienced the  steam and sulphur on volcanic Mt Hakone and visited the  wonderful Hakone Open Air  Museum.img_7513 img_7522 img_7536 img_7539img_7581 img_7593img_7603 img_7619img_7638 img_7690 img_7735 img_7787 img_7812