Rooms 23 and 24 have been buzzing with action over the last few weeks leading into Book Week. We designed and created storyboards and used Beebots to re-tell our favourite fairytales with our buddies. We looked at the characters, settings and sequence of our fiction stories in order to design a map that could be used to re-tell our chosen fairytale.

We used coding to program our Beebots to follow a chosen path in order to tell the story. Learning to code is a great way to develop problem solving, teamwork, collaboration and critical thinking skills and will most likely be an integral part of many jobs in the future.

Here are some comments from the students reflecting on the activity.

“I thought this activity was exciting because you had to communicate and work with other people to create and invent new things” – Madison Rm 24.



“We created the story the Gingerbread man. I wish we could have done some acting too” – Kate Rm 23



“It was fun because we got to make things.” – Phoebe Rm 23.



“We built fairytale places. For example Jack and the beanstalk, we made a big beanstalk, a castle and Jack. It was interesting and fun” – Samuel Rm 23.



“We made a story. It was hard work because it took us a long time to program the beebot and create the settings” – Tyler Rm 24 and Nate Rm 23


“It was fun and creative. We got to make stuff and program and that’s why I liked it” – Tahlia Rm 24.


“I thought it was challenging because we had to be in charge of the jobs ourselves and sometimes we got muddled up” – Andy Rm 24.

Belinda Yardley, Vicki Gregory & Jess Ottewell.